Themes and Topics
Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit original, unpublished contributions via the Online Submission System. The topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Digitalization and Business model
Digital finance, money, banking, and insurance: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Block chain, future of payments, e-banking, e-finance, Digital and Insurance and so on.
Big data, smart data and business intelligence
Tax challenges in the Digital Economy (DE)
Digital marketing
Digital public services
Digital revolution policies
E-business and e-commerce
Circular economy through digitalization
Novel advances in future business innovation
Novel e-supply chain
Risk, security and privacy issues
Social impact by business innovation
Survey of business models and categorization

Interdisciplinary Applications of Digitalization and Management Innovation
Applications in electrical engineering
Applications in manufacturing engineering
Applications in industrial engineering
Applications in chemical engineering
Applications in mechanical engineering
Applications in civil engineering
Applications in bioengineering
Applications in biomedical engineering
Applications in environmental issues
Applications in statistic issues
Applications in education issues
Organizational Behavior in Digital Transformation
Humble Leadership
Human capital in DE
Organization Practice in DE
Strategic marketing & financial issues
Organization and management in DE
Organizational commitment and employee development in DE
Digital transformation in financial sector
Digital transformation in industry

Management Innovation
Best practices in particular industries
Ethics, trust, security and privacy
Human resource management issues in innovation
Innovation management and business development
The management of platform in DE
Knowledge management
Methodology for management innovation

Innovation Management
Green Innovation
Free innovation
Open innovation, user innovation and dynamic capability
Innovation, skills and creative industries
Innovation commons
Household sector innovation
Innovation Ecosystem

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